Growth, Development and Ageing is not a new phenomenon. Instead it is a reality that many of us face as we grow older so overcoming these challenges can be key in living a happier, healthier and more satisfying life.

This website is a journal for studies of growth, development and ageing
in all living organisms, published by contributors and
subscribers on a cooperative, non-profit basis.

There are steps we can take everyday to ensure the better satisfaction and well-being from our lives. Physical activity and exercise is an imperative. The basics to improve well-being include the use of Massage, Laser Hair Removal, Colon Care and bowel health and personal training allow you to feel best when you need it most.


Our informative and accurate scientific studies allow you to choose a relevant area of interest and find out more information about that service. Moreover, you can be referred to a recommended and reliable supplier who can assist you with recommendations in your chosen topic area.

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